Your untapped potential, creativity and uniqueness

Would you like to live and work according to your inner nature? Would you like this to help you discover your untapped potential, creativity and uniqueness? I have accompanied thousands of individuals through this transformative journey: leaders, managers, professionals and private clients, domestically and abroad. Using a personal process, I help you uncover your own answers in a personally natural way. These answers will give you new perspectives and allow you to trust in your own decisions.


Connected to oneself and to one and other

Every person is unique and nowadays we are more connected to each other than ever before. Just as every wave is both unique and forever inseparable from the sea. Learn to connect with yourself. Connect with your strengths, your talents and your uniqueness. These will guide you making a positive contribution to the world. Ancient wisdoms have taught me: “Every positive step you take will resonate for seven generations after you.” Your positive impact can make all the difference.

Personal leadership, talents, strength and choices

Eagerly I would like to support you learning about being connected with yourself and others. By guiding you through your own development of personal leadership. You can turn to me for guidance with questions about purpose, cultivation of individual talent or choices that define your life and work. Lastly, I can help you find your inner strength and energy balance.

I invite you to reflect upon yourself and where you stand in life and in your career. Allow yourself to be inquisitive about who you really are. I will encourage you to challenge and step away from mindsets and behaviour that may be holding you back. This will allow you to stay true to yourself and enable you to enact positive change in your environment.

Sparring partner on your inner journey

Are you searching for an experienced and reciprocal sparring partner? If so, I can guide you on your journey to a clear mind, a wise soul and a resilient spirit. With both feet planted firmly on the ground, you will be able to walk your own path.

With this transition I guide leaders, managers and professionals in organizations, as well as an increasing number of private clients as (executive) coach, life coach and facilitator. Are you interested in learning more about me? Read my Dutch (e)book Grenzeloos vrij, hoe oude wijsheid je naar je innerlijke natuur leidt, available from 2021 published by Ten Have (second edition 2022).


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