Life coaching

Freedom in life and work

Do you feel that sometimes you’re just along for the ride in life? Are you at a crossroad in your career or personal life? Has the time come to let go of patterns that hold you back? Do you desire to experience more inner freedom to make your own choices? If so, I invite you to take part in Life Coaching.


Strong connection between head, heart and stomach

In addition to questions concerning your career, I can help you with your questions about personal relationships, life purpose, life choices, balancing your energy and personal relationships. Work and your private life are more intertwined than you often realize: you’ll find that resolving questions about your private life will make you more comfortable at work and vice versa.

Through reflection and immersion you will discover who you are, what drives you and how you can use a clear perspective to make important decisions. Together we will develop a strong connection between your head, heart and stomach. This will allow you to find personal answers in a natural way. You will experience clarity, strength and flow and make practical changes tailored to your needs. Through calm or stormy waters, you will be free to make your own choices.

For bold leaders, managers and professionals

Are you inquisitive, do you want to engage and explore your uniqueness with an experienced senior coach? Then you are most welcome. I invite you to critically perceive yourself, challenge your mindset and realize your strengths and weaknesses. This opens the door to a natural process where you experience the clarity to acquire new perspectives that really resonate with you.

Inclusion and diversity lead


Digital experience designer

Learning and Development programme specialist

Communications and marketing manager,

Right To Play Nederland

Senior Project Manager

In-depth reflection and concrete action

My style is energetic and inviting with an occasional challenging confrontation, but always in a respectful way. I combine an in-depth and practical way of coaching with personalized perspectives and methods to enable you to make an actual change in your daily life.

The coaching process starts with a non-obligatory intake session and usually consists of six sessions, varying according to personal questions and situations. Also, standalone sessions over a longer period of time are available. The coach sessions are either online, at the Coaching practice in Noordwijk or in nature.

Finding and applying your strength, balance and vitality

Personal leadership aspects I have been asked to coach:

  • Important life decisions in work and relationships
  • Dealing with challenging relationship situations
  • Uniqueness, strength and impact
  • Transforming restrictive patterns
  • Finding purpose and meaning in life
  • Creativity and intuition
  • Self-reliance
  • Resilience and vitality
  • Clear, balanced choices
  • Addressing challenging situations
  • Planning career moves
  • Strengthening inner peace