Wendy Hobbelink

Guides leaders, managers, professionals and private clients

I am Wendy Hobbelink and I guide leaders, managers, professionals and private clients through coaching, (executive) coaching, life coaching, personal leadership, talks and retreats.


Discover and apply your true potential

For over 30 years I have enthusiastically helped thousands of people make fundamental changes in their careers and personal lives, and discover and apply their true potential and strengthening balance and vitality. I assist them thanks to my background in pedagogy, business management, transformative psychology, energy management as well as my passion for contemporarily relevant ancients wisdoms and my registration as a psychologist.

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Wisdom of ancient people and nature

From a young age I have been passionate about adventurous travel; ideally I travel with my green hiking tent. This allows me to experience cultures and communities in a natural way, such as the Maori’s, Native Americans and Canadians and Aboriginals. They taught me how to live an authentic and connected life, and their wisdom has helped me realize my own wisdom. The sea is another great passion of mine, as well as being in the pristine wilderness where I can truly feel connected to my inner nature.

Freely living and working from your inner nature

Are you searching for who you really are, what you really want and what you really want to be a part of? The world today is hectic and full of impulses and requires you to reflect and to make choices from a deeper layer. From your inner nature, moving old patterns and reflexive choices.

Then I would love to help you. Because I believe that consciousness is a crucial factor in the many challenges and changes we face, and because I would like to be a part of that.

How? I will help you discover your inner nature. When you are guided by this in life and work, you make confident decisions, your natural talents become visible and you know how to tackle challenging situations.

The wave and the sea

Through hardships that myself and others have endured, I was taught lessons of life about how to live as freely as possible in any circumstances. During that challenging time, the things I needed came to me and trust became my best friend. Through calm and stormy waters, eventually everything worked out.

As the wave is always connected to the sea, we are always in essence connected to our inner nature. A challenging situation at work or in your personal life provides you with an opportunity for realisation and to rediscover who you really are.

Clear mind, warm heart and feet firmly on the ground

Since then, people approach me with the desire to live as freely as possible no matter what happens. Not to deny or escape the events in your life, but to find freedom against all odds. Again and again. With a clear mind, a warm heart and feet firmly on the ground, to make sure that you can find your own answers and take significant steps in a natural way. This stems from the idea that you are an endless field of possibilities and to live that idea in your work and life.

30 years of professional experience

Since 2018 I have committed myself to (executive) coaching, life coaching, talks and retreats. I am now able to express my creativity both in my work and my writing. As a result, my Dutch (e)book Grenzeloos Vrij  has been published in 2021 (second edition 2022) by Publisher Ten Have.

At Entrelan in cooperation with de Baak I developed seminars and trainings. I also worked as a trainer/advisor at a large bank. During the lunch breaks, people would often come talk about who they really are, what problems they ran into and what they really wanted to get out of their work.

Following a sabbatical to India and Nepal, I realized that I wanted the freedom to continue what I had been doing during the lunch breaks in my own way, at my own pace. That’s when I started my own business as a trainer, coach and career counselor.

In the following years, I co-founded Circumference. I developed and facilitated a diverse range of programs there, such as thirty courses on Personal Empowerment and eight years of Retreats Inner Nature. I also facilitated diverse teamcoachings, (executive) coachings, life coachings, a transition training program for several Dutch ministries and numerous (international) incompany self-management trainings.

Education and qualifications

My curiosity drives me to continue learning. This keeps me sharp and allows me to share knowledge from real-life experiences, as opposed to repeating things read from a book.

I studied Pedagogy, Business Management, Energy Management and Intuition, Transformative Psychology and Voice Dialogue with the pioneers in California. Furthermore, I have pursued courses in Zen Buddhism, Sensory Awareness, Mindfulness and Non-Duality. I learned my life lessons through the experiences and wisdom I shared with the many indigenous peoples I have spent time with during my travels, more on those stories can be found in my Dutch (e)book Grenzeloos vrij.

Professional registration

I am registered as a Psycholoog NIP with the Dutch Institute of Psychologists. In addition, I am registered as a EuroPsy Psychologist with the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA). Lastly, my name is on the founder’s list of Voice Dialogue, which I have worked with in Europe.