Talks and retreats

Public speaking

Are you searching for Inspirational Talks? I am able to draw from 25 years of experiences as a professional coach/ facilitator, unique life lessons and my Dutch book Grenzeloos vrij. After orientating with you, I will provide a proposal tailored to your organization.


Topics of Talks

  • Book presentation of Grenzeloos vrij, focusing on its most valuable lessons, the process of finding stories and writing the book itself.
  • How the alive and kicking wisdom of ancient cultures can activate your personal wisdom.
  • Living according to your inner nature, how do you do that?
  • How intuition can become an infallible compass in your life and career.
  • How to be confident, even when you aren’t completely sure.
  • How you can find your destination: by pursuing it or letting it come to you?

Talks from within with a playful twist

As a speaker I have gratefully had the opportunity to provide talks for the ECN, NVMW, Ministry of Social Affairs, the Municipal Government of Amsterdam, Esta magazine and a number of real estate companies. My Talks are spirited, from the heart, recognizable and focused on involving the audience using a playful twist.


Retreat Living your inner nature

Discovering who you really are – and aren’t? Discovering what the essence of your life is? Experiencing what parts of you are free, and which are waiting to be freed? Discovering how to live and work with more freedom? The Retreat is an expedition to new dimensions within yourself.

Do you want to discover who you really are and what really matters?

In the multi-day Retreat you will experience who you really are, independent from your position, thoughts, mindsets and patterns. You will uncover what really matters to you and  gain new inspiration for your daily life. In your own way you can contribute to making the world a better place.

Topics during the Retreat

The topics of the Retreat reflect the life lessons of my Dutch book Grenzeloos Vrij:

  • Discover who you are – and aren’t
  • Pursuing that which is most important in your life
  • Finding wisdom within yourself
  • Trusting your own intuition
  • Finding inner peace, no matter what happens
  • How to be confident, even when you aren’t completely sure
  • Living your life according to your inner nature

8 years of Retreats, national and international

For eight years, as a co-facilitator, I developed and guided Retreats Inner Nature for leaders, managers, professionals and private clients in the Netherlands and abroad. Retreats varying from an entire week, five days or a weekend. Personally I continue to participate in a variety of Retreats taught by several international experts, to maintain quality and novelty using newly acquired insights.

How participants experienced previous Retreats:

“A completely new outlook on my world. Phenomenal!”
“Renewed energy, insight and confidence.”
“Space and fresh air, as if a window has been opened.”
“Powerful exercises, straight to the core.”
“Extremely good balance of life visions, perspectives and methods.”
“Exceptionally intense, well-structured, playful elements with practical tips.”

Intensive program, dates and locations

The Retreat starts with an informal introductory conversation. The Retreat is intense and varied, consisting of short inspirational Talks, experience exercises and sharings, while also allowing time for reflection and silence. I use a variety of international perspectives and methods, such as voice dialogue, sensory awareness, mindfulness, non-duality, Zen Buddhism, beliefs research, energy awareness, ancient wisdom of indigenous peoples and insights from my Dutch book Grenzeloos vrij.

The Retreats take place at an inspiring location in nature. The dates for the following Retreat with open registration will appear here as soon as possible. I also provide private Retreats for groups and organizations. Please send me an email if you are interested in the Retreat. As soon as there’s more information about the dates for the upcoming Retreat, I’ll send you a message.